Can you create your own website now?

Yes off course, you will get successful web hosting this involves much more than just creating the best-looking website with a number of features.

domainracer vs godaddy web hosting provider 2018

But one of the major challenges is to maintain the site after getting it hosted on a reliable web hosting platform.

Some people give importance to different criteria when choosing their web host for their website. You can look for an affordable hosting company that has to provide the best services at an affordable price.

Some Overview Points of this Post:

You are bound to trust your web host if it is popular and you have read good customer reviews about its services. Two such experienced website hosting service providers trusted by millions are DomainRacer and GoDaddy.

DomainRacer VS GoDaddy – General Overview

The best practice is to always collect the best from the list we do have and this article is trying the same.

GoDaddy is known as the world’s largest domain name registrar. It also gives the biggest cloud space for personal and small companies.

DomainRacer is a leading company for the best cheap web hosting and Domains. They provide the cheapest hosting plans to Individual, small to largest size business. DomainRacer has fully customer interface and control panel that places you in command and this is effective in helping you build your brand’s strong and effective presence online.

DomainRacer VS GoDaddy – Speed & Performance

The best thing is the speed and performance, and this is an important factor of the server. Uptime is the time during which your website is accessible while response time or speed is the time it will take to load up contents from the server for your visitors.

domainracer vs godaddy speed & performance details

DomainRacer Speed Test:

domainracer speed test details 2018

GoDaddy Speed Test:

godaddy speed test result 2017

As per above statistic/report DomainRacer representing outstanding loading speed, and DomainRacer has a quick response that loads at an impressive speed of average 783 milliseconds  and maintaining 99.99% hosting uptime always.

domainracer uptime customer review india

GoDaddy web hosted sites loads for about 9.83s to complete a page request. GoDaddy maintains 99% hosting uptime.

godaddy india uptime hosting review

While choosing a web hosting, it should be kept in mind that the load page time of the host should not belong in any case. Here is a comparison between the loading time of DomainRacer vs GoDaddy.

domainracer vs godaddy load time 2017

According to the statistics, we can clearly see that GoDaddy had taken 9.83 seconds for fully loading. So we can conclude that DomainRacer has taken only 3.11 seconds whereas DomainRacer looks promising when load time is considered.

DomainRacer VS GoDaddy – Price

Price remains the important factor in web hosting service.

However, pricing is different from service to service, so you should pick the easiest and most reliable web hosting solution. Hosting should be inexpensive.

domainracer web hosting plans price

DomainRacer starter packages allow you to build just one website, and other plans allow you different amounts of domains, storage, email accounts and bandwidth.

godaddy hosting price offers

Looking at just the prices of GoDaddy.  Not forgetting that Godaddy renewal pricing is on the high side.

DomainRacer VS GoDaddy SSL Certificate

Companies have to be concerned with security. The best web hosting solutions always provide security to top priority. SSL certificates as an extra layer of security on the internet.

comparision between domainracer and goddady

DomainRacer offers free SSL certificate with all plans. GoDaddy offers one year SSL certificate with all business packages.

DomainRacer VS GoDaddy – Customer Support

DomainRacer phone support is great. In their reviews, clients note that DomainRacer support is best. Their chat support is great. They provide 24/7 customer support via Phone and chat system (whats app also). DomainRacer solves many customer’s questions on the knowledge or experience of the technicians that provide technical hosting support.

domainracer vs godaddy hosting services

GoDaddy’s current hosting support is better. Their support is better but you have to wait so many minutes on the phone. But, they completed their job is usually done with satisfactorily.

DomainRacer VS GoDaddy Pros and Cons-


When you are looking best for one, keep in mind to pay for features that you need and opt for customer support. If you are a newbie in web hosting then you then go with shared hosting plans first. Uptimes and page loading times have to be on top of your list. Since monthly costs for any of these packages are still low, you should try your best web hosting provider an affordable price.