Are you interested to earn residual income via the best web hosting affiliate marketing? You can earn a minimum of $2700+ recurring/passive income through the best hosting affiliate marketing.

But the main question is which hosting service to be chosen? And who can provide you high paying recurring affiliate program?

Some Overview Points…

[#1/#3] Key Factors to choose Best Web Hosting Affiliate Program

  • Conversion Ratio: This is the most important factor in affiliate marketing. If the conversion ratio is high then by default it will increase your commission. Because suppose you are getting 1000 clicks per month and sign up is just 5-6 then it really cost you.

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So, the best web hosting affiliate program is one who has the highest conversion ratio.

  • Qualitative Hosting

If you have quality then only people will come to you. Always choose a web hosting company who provides better quality to their customer and make them satisfied. DomainRacer is one of a qualitative and affordable hosting provider.

  • Trustworthy affiliate web hosting company

Choose the trustworthy hosting company so that you will not get hitch by someone. So, it’s always better to choose a trusted hosting company.

Let’s start with a list of best web hosting affiliate programs. So, you can easily get recurring commission and best payout by these highest paying web hosting affiliate programs via internet marketing.

[#2/#3] Best Web Hosting for Affiliate Marketing (Top #5 Affiliates)

In the following, I’ve described you the details of each best web hosting affiliate program that will sort your confusion of choosing the best affiliate web hosting.

1] DomainRacer – Best Web Hosting Affiliate Earn up to 70%

It has one of the best and wealthy web hosting affiliate program. You can surely tie up your affiliate’s marketing with DomainRacer. Also, they provide the best and cheap wordpress hosting India services at affordable price plans.

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Let you have to check a few reasons, why DomainRacer is the best web hosting affiliate in the market?

  • Slab Based Commissions Structure: This program offers a simple commission structure. If you have more promotion performance leads, then capture a 70% commission.
  • Robust Affiliate Support: For DomainRacer promotion, implement the affiliates customized banners, it will increase visibility.
  • Free to Join: Sing up with DomainRacer affiliate web hosting deals, you will get tracking code to start promotion.
  • Earning including Bonus Program: The more opportunity to earn $2500+ extra credit bonus based on referrals with the best web hosting affiliate recurring program.
  • High Conversion Rate: It makes a very good conversion ratio nearby 13.11% in August month.
  • Payout Threshold: When once your account reaches $100.00 USD. You can request for payout.
  • Unique Benefits: Earn 200+ bonuses for referring 50 or more sales to DomainRacer.
  • Web hosting starts at an affordable price of $11/yr.

In $11/year it provides a lot of features like Litespeed technology, MagicSpamPro, SSD Storage and free SSL certificate, so it’s become the highest choice of the people.

Statistics of how much commission you can make with web hosting affiliate sales:-

  • 1–10 sales: Capture upto 30% commission.
  • 11–20 sales: Capture upto 40% commission.
  • 21–50 sales: Capture upto 50% commission.
  • 51+plus sales: Capture upto 70% commission.

DomainRacer is a trusted platform to choose for affiliates marketing because its conversion ratio is high also it provides all the features and people buy this as it is at an affordable cost.

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Join DomainRacer Affiliate Marketing

2] InMotion Hosting – Get passive income

InMotion hosting is one of the best affiliate programs for beginners but it has both pros and cons.

best hosting service affilate programs

Let you have to check, what best about web hosting for affiliate marketers?

  • Tracking Application: With a wealthy web hosting platform, you will get an amazing sale tracking application to track all your sale easily.
  • Affiliate Support: To promote the InMotion affiliate marketing web hosting program, it will give you a huge commission for referring to its product.
  • Monthly Payments: InMotion web hosting Affiliate Company, performs a Monthly Payouts system and the commission is released 30 days after the sale.

I promoted InMotion a bit and didn’t have much revenue because if we compare the conversion ratio of InMotion with DomainRacer then you will find a lot of difference.

Check out – InMotion affiliate program here

Note: Conversion ratio play a very important role in affiliate marketing and conversion ratio depends on, of which web hosting company you are choosing for affiliate marketing.

So always go with best hosting because if you choose the best hosting affiliate then only you can earn more commission.

3] BlueHost – Affordable Affiliate Program

BlueHost is another alternative for best web hosting affiliate marketing and its payout is fixed i.e., $65 per sign up. It’s popular for both good and bad. As its very popular hosting, so people choose this but bad is, it has a very minimum conversion ratio.

For example, If 1000 users visit the home page of BlueHost then a maximum of 5-6 people apply for sign up. That means the total conversion ratio is 0.6%only.

Best paying web hosting affiliate programs

Here are some reasons to promote a Bluehost cheap web hosting affiliate programs in India as below:

  • Promotional Resources: With web hosting companies’ affiliate program, you will get the best promotional banner and images to increase growth scale.
  • Best Converting Program: Bluehost affiliate program, you will get a really good conversion rate per deals.
  • Reliable Tracking: You will get the best tracking techniques to track all your orders for every single referral.
  • Get your instant access to start Bluehost web hosting companies’ affiliate program to earn higher money and it’s free to join.

Click here  – Join a BlueHost affiliate program

I would like to recommend you before choosing BlueHost to check the DomainRacer and SiteGround; this will help you to make the right decision. Because I think with BlueHost affiliates marketing you need to do too many efforts but according to your efforts, you won’t get earnings.

4] HostGator- Best Choice to Earn

If you are a master in marketing then Hostgator is a good choice because if you drive more traffic then only you can get more income.

top residual income affiliate programs

The HostGator affiliate program deals is a performance-based commission structure to get an unusual conversions flow.

  • Monthly Payouts: You will get your payment each month to referral HostGator Web Hosting Affiliate Program.
  • Unlimited Earning: To join the HostGator cheap web hosting affiliate program, you can earn higher money for every deal.
  • Promotional Banner: To get access to banner and marketing material for promoting a HostGator offer web hosting affiliate network program.

But, you have to do a lot of efforts to get signup at Hostgator because the conversion rate is much low as compare to DomainRacer.

From hereJoin affiliate marketing of Hostgator.

5] SiteGround- Provides Good Commission

Payout $50-125 per sale. Hosting Starts at $3.95/month.

SiteGround is also one of the finest web hosting affiliate program and you can easily make money via SiteGround affiliate program. But always follow the qualitative hosting so that you can get lifetime earning.

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Let’s see some of the features, why Join SiteGround recurring affiliate program?

  • Best Commission: Siteground high paying affiliate service, you get the power to reach your audience (the more you refer the more you earn).
  • Weekly Payment: The best reason to promote the Siteground web hosting affiliate marketing. It is released affiliate payment every week.
  • Promotional Support: To promote affiliates development program, you will get access to an affiliate customized banners and images for promotion.

So, I would like to suggest you that always focus on qualitative web hosting company. So you will get a high conversion rate and then only you can earn more profit.

Click here – Join SiteGround Affiliate Marketing.

[#3/#3] Fully Up-to-Date Info – Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

In this post, you’ll find the best paying web hosting affiliate. Where you can earn up to $600 commission for every successful sale.

#1] DomainRacer Affiliate Program:

Just before promoting a DomainRacer – best website hosting affiliate program.

The DomainRacer offers the highest conversion ratio in the market with top website hosting affiliate services.

Why choose DomainRacer as your Affiliate Marketer

  • Conversion Ratio is 10-14% which is higher than the other hosting.
  • It providesup to 70% commission per sale.
  • Approximately total earning $400 – $2700 – Earn beyond your expectations.
  • Earn 200+ bonuses for referring 50 or more sales to DomainRacer.
  • Web hosting starts at an affordable price of $11/yr.

You will get a performance-based conversation rate. Whereas you can earn 70% commission for a successful referral.

That’s enough to earn more commission. If you promoting the DomainRacer domain affiliate program, then there is no limit on earning.

#2] InMotion Hosting Affiliate Program:

Before Join to the InMotion best affiliate hosting program 2019.

  • Web hosting service starts at $2.95 per month.
  • Provides Affiliate commission ranges from $50-100 for per referral.
  • Earn passive income through the InMotion affiliate program.

The InMotion Hosting is the best web hosting Affiliate Company, to gain $50 as commission for the sale. That’s enough to make huge money by referring to the InMotion affiliate website hosting service.

I would like to say just before join InMotion hosting, once visit DomainRacer web hosting affiliate page.

#3] BlueHost Affiliate Program:

For internet marketers and bloggers, Bluehost are the popular web hosting affiliate website services.

  • It is a smart way to pay a good commission.
  • Bluehost best web hosting affiliate services.
  • It is easy to join for everyone.
  • Also, you will get the highest commission rate.

Bluehost generous web hosting affiliate services program, but you have to take a lot of effort to join. As compare to DomainRacer affiliate web hosting service, it is very easy to join and promote…

Yes, it is fixed $65 per sale as commission. The more you refer the more you earn.

#4] HostGator Affiliate Program:

Before Sign up, HostGator cheap web hosting affiliate program.

  • Earn lifetime commission by joining Hostgator affiliates marketing.
  • As Hostgator, a payout is good if you drive more traffic. But it is less than DomainRacer.
  • Offer web hosting at low cost and provides the best payout ranges from $50-125 per sale.

Let us have to find some ideas, why join to HostGator best affiliate program.

You can make tremendous money by referring HostGator web affiliate program hosting to your audience.

#5] SiteGround Affiliate Program:

Siteground web hosting recurring affiliate program offering an enormous commission per sellout.

To earn more money by referring to the Siteground web hosting affiliate development program.

  • Earn between $50 to $100 for the referral program.
  • Get passive income through the Siteground affiliate

SiteGrounnd Web hosting affiliate marketing works remarkably. Final words, it’s always a bit of wary advice to suggest confident about DomainRacer affiliate program.

Conclusion about Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs for 2019,

Hope this article helps you to choose the best web hosting affiliate program and make money by starting an affiliate marketing business.

One of my suggestions is DomainRacer as it has all the good features and high conversion ratio so you can earn more commission by choosing DomainRacer.

Choose the best web hosting affiliate and earn recurring income.