highest paying web hosting affiliate programs 2021

Are you interested in earning residual income? Web hosting is the most lucrative and competitive affiliate marketing niche. 

That’s why affiliate marketers are hugely dependent on top web hosting affiliate programs to earn money easily. Here you have a great opportunity to earn a minimum of $1000+ recurring/passive income. for users who are willing to start online classes, you can also private video hosting LMS software with best services.

But the main question is which hosting service to be chosen? And who can provide you top web hosting recurring affiliate commission?

Some Overview Points…

Are you afraid about selecting the best match for you? Don’t worry. I am here to help you in all aspects of choosing top money-making web hosting affiliate platforms.

Before that let’s discuss some essential elements to be considered before stepping into the Affiliate business.

[#1/#3] Key Factors to choose Best Residual Income Affiliate Program

  • Conversion Ratio:

This is the most important factor in affiliate marketing. If the conversion ratio is higher then by default it will increase your commission. For example, suppose you are getting 1000 clicks per month. And the no. of signing up users is just 5-6. Then it enhances your costs and lowers the conversion ratio.

easy to earn web hosting affiliate platforms

So, by concluding the above graphical representation, DomainRacer is one of the best hostings for affiliate marketers that have the highest conversion ratio.

  • Hosting with Qualitative Features

In the customer’s view, the quality and customization of features matter the most. While they choose a web hosting company DomainRacer is a qualitative and affordable hosting provider. Always try to satisfy their service users.

  • Trustworthy affiliate web hosting company

It is always better to go with a hosting provider who delivers the best which you need. Choose a trustworthy hosting company so it allows you to expand your business without any barriers.

web hosting affiliate program benefits

Let’s start with a list of the best web hosting affiliate programs reviews. So, you can easily get recurring commissions and high payouts via internet marketing.

[#2/#3] Best Web Hosting for Affiliate Marketing (Top #5 Affiliates)

Nowadays almost all hosting companies are focusing on promoting their services. So allow affiliates to help them in extending the people’s reach via marketing.

To achieve goals they run affiliate programs with unique terms and conditions. Each one has varying commission rates. So be careful at the time of selecting a web host for affiliate marketing. These enable you to get more profit.

Here I have shortlisted some of the best for you to be caught.

1] DomainRacer – Best Web Hosting Affiliate Earn Up to 70%

DomainRacer is one of the best and wealthy web hosting affiliate programsThey offer the industry’s best affiliate commission among all hosting solutions. 

best hosting affiliate marketing programs for beginners

Why DomainRacer is the best web hosting affiliate in the market?

  • Slab-Based Commissions Structure: This program offers a simple commission structure. If you have more promotion performance leads, then capture a 70% commission.
  • Robust Affiliate SupportDedicated team to make sure you earn commission regularly.
  • Easy mode of Promotion:  Implement the affiliate’s customized banners, it will increase visibility.
  • Free to Join: Sing up with DomainRacer affiliate web hosting deals, you will get a tracking code to start promotion.
  • Earning including Bonus Program: Explore the opportunity to earn $2500+ extra credit bonus. Based on referrals with the best web hosting affiliate recurring program.
  • High Conversion Rate: It makes a very good conversion ratio nearby 13.11% in August month.
  • Payout Threshold: When once your account reaches $100.00 USD. You can request for payout.
  • Unique Benefits: Earn 200+ bonuses for referring 50 or more sales to DomainRacer.

In $11/year it provides a lot of features like Litespeed technology, MagicSpamPro, SSD Storage, and free SSL certificate, so it’s become the highest choice of the people.

Statistics of how much commission you can make with web hosting affiliate sales:-

 top web hosting affiliate residual income

DomainRacer is the best workplace for affecting marketers, bloggers, and media publishers. Take the consistent advantage of a highly profitable and huge money-making affiliate platform.

If you would like to promote the DomainRacer domain affiliate program. Then there is a good chance of earning unlimited recurring commission walking towards you.

best affiliate marketing training programs

Join DomainRacer Affiliate Marketing

2] InMotion Hosting – Get Passive Income On Per Sale

InMotion hosting offers a wide range of hosting plans. It is also known as an unlimited commission-earning affiliate program for beginners.

best high paying web hosting affiliate platform

Let you have to check, what best about web hosting for affiliate marketers?

  • Tracking Application: With a wealthy web hosting platform, you will get an amazing sale tracking application to track all your sales easily.
  • Affiliate SupportExpert team offers an easy-to-use control panel. Always prepared for a fast response to Affiliate’s inquires
  • Monthly Payments: InMotion web hosting Affiliate Company, performs a Monthly Payouts system and the commission is released 30 days after the sale.

Inmotion hosting dedicatedly put good strategies to maximize earning potentials but it has some drawbacks. We found the conversion rate of Inmotion is very low as compared to DomainRacer

Check out – InMotion affiliate program here

3] BlueHost – Affordable Affiliate Program with 0.6% Conversion Rate

BlueHost is another alternative for best and easy to earn hosting affiliate marketing and its payout is fixed i.e., $65 per sign up.

Although BlueHost is a popular hosting, it has a downside. It has a very minimum conversion ratio i.e 0.6%. Moreover, it is owned by EIG hosting.

For example, If 1000 users visit the home page of BlueHost then a maximum of 5-6 people apply for sign up. That means the total conversion ratio is 0.6%only.

 wealthy web hosting affiliate company

Some Good Feature of BlueHost Affiliates:

  • Promotional Resources: You will get the best promotional banner and images to increase the growth scale.
  • Best Converting Program: Get a really good conversion rate per deal.
  • Reliable Tracking: You will get the best tracking techniques to track all your orders for every single referral.
  • Get your instant access to start Bluehost web hosting companies’ affiliate program to earn higher money and it’s free to join.

Click here  – Join a BlueHost affiliate program

I would like to recommend you before choosing BlueHost to check the DomainRacer and SiteGround; this will help you to make the right decision. Because I think, you have to put more effort while working with BlueHost affiliates marketing. And in return, you won’t get desirable revenue.

4] HostGator- Best Choice to Earn Money with Stable Commision

If you are a master in marketing then Hostgator is a good choice. If you drive more traffic then only you can get more income.

HostGator also has a  performance-based commission structure like DomainRacer. You can gain profit in the range of $50-$125 per qualified referral.

best web hosting affiliate recurring program

The Conversion flow of HostGator Affiliate Program.

  • Monthly Payouts: You will get your payment each month to the referral HostGator Web Hosting Affiliate Program.
  • Unlimited Earning: To join the HostGator cheap web hosting affiliate program, you can earn higher money for every deal.
  • Promotional Banner: To get access to banner and marketing material for promoting a HostGator offer web hosting affiliate network program.

But, you have to face some issues in signing up and gaining valuable income at Hostgator.  Due to an underneath conversion ratio, compared to DomainRacerr.

From hereJoin affiliate marketing of Hostgator.

5] SiteGround- Provides Good Commission for Small Business

SiteGround is also one of the finest web hosting affiliate programs. It provides the easiest way to make money online. They always follow qualitative hosting so there’s a possibility to get lifetime earnings.

recurring revenue affiliate programs

Why Join SiteGround recurring affiliate program?

  • Best Commission: Get the power to reach your audience in the high-paying affiliate service of SiteGround. The basic formula is the more you refer the more you earn.
  • Weekly Payment: It releases affiliate payments on a weekly basis
  • Promotional Support: To promote affiliates’ development programs, you will get access to affiliate customized banners and images for promotion.

SiteGround is a user-friendly hosting provider. Designed to reward commission volume of $50-$125. On the basis of users, you convert. It is the best platform for small-scale bloggers looking for a smooth arrival of regular income.

Click here – Join SiteGround Affiliate Marketing.

FAQs: Highest Recurring Commission Affiliate Platforms

 1. What do you mean by a web hosting affiliate program?

A web hosting affiliate program residual income is a profit-sharing platform. Where affiliates get rewards from hosting companies for promoting their hosting services. And referring new customers to them.

2. What are the types of affiliate programs?

 There are several types of affiliate marketing programs with different rewarding modes and marking channels

  • Pay Per Sale: Earn commission when your referral buy hosting services from a web host, for whom the marketer shows an advertisement
  • Pay Per Lead: In this affiliate marketing referrals don’t need to buy a product to earn a commission.
  • Hybrid Affiliate marketing: it is the combination of the above types.

 3. How can beginners make money from hosting affiliate programs?

Becoming an affiliate marketer is a very simple process. I suggest, start with a self-hosted blog of your interested niche. Build some traffic and join the best pay-per-click affiliate program to dive into the affiliate marketing business. 

Promote affiliate products through customized banners, ads, affiliate links and start earning money.

4. What is the affiliate hosting factors that affect earning?

While choosing a hosting product to promote, you need to understand your affiliate model first. And how long it runs with you in earning money. Let’s scan out key factors:

  • Affiliate type the offer commission 
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Frequency of product purchasing and promotion potential
  • Cookie Duration 
  • Affiliate support team 
  • Material for promotion 
  • Hosting product ROI
  • Terms and Conditions of commission payouts
  • The conversion rate of referral to useful customers and cost
  • Product sale structure
  • Marketing strategies

5. Do affiliate hosting companies charge any fees to join their programs?

Most of the affiliate programs offer free and quick joining. You do not have to pay any extra money for registration.

Recap: Top Money Making Web Hosting Affiliated Companies Reviews

#1] DomainRacer Affiliate Program: Best for earning flawless and maximum commission that suits your profession 

#2] InMotion Hosting Affiliate Program:  Best for optimized tools and strategies to enhance your earning potential.

#3] BlueHost Affiliate Program: Best for top-notch affiliate and amazing tracking system for earners.

#4] HostGator Affiliate Program: Best for easy signup and assist you to bring your income to the highest level.

#5] SiteGround Affiliate Program: Best for short withhold period and weekly payouts

Conclusion: Choose Best Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Platform 2021

Content and search engine ranking of your website or blog is very much important for maximum conversion. Web hosting affiliate marketing works brilliantly for web owners who post great and valuable content.

In this digital world, web hosting is growing rapidly. There are several hosting affiliate promoters that take advantage of  Millions of commissions every month.

So why you do not join this area to get more profit? Think about it!

Hope this article helps you to choose the best web hosting affiliate program and make money by starting an affiliate marketing business.  Where you can earn up to $600 commission for every successful sale.

When you ask me, Definitely I suggest DomainRacer as the most profitable web hosting affiliate program. In respect of its good features and pretty high conversion ratio.  Allows you to earn vast recurring income.

Best Luck for Your Business Future!