Web hosting is an extremely hot business right now for VPS resellers hosting program. Allows them to own hosting business by offering a slice of packages (hosting) from a big pie (parent hosting provides)

So why not become a smart top VPS reseller program and generate fantastic revenue from a VPS reseller hosting provider in the world.

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Nowadays Virtual private servers are perhaps the best choice for a cheap VPS reseller program. As it provides easy control its high scalability. For quick ramp up your business on-demand as the need arises.

But always make sure to save your VPS reseller WHMCS business solid ground (perfect hosting partner). Just like DedicatedCore. Offer some of the most competitive VPS reseller plans and pricing compared to any others in today’s digital market. This program rewards the user not only for referring new customers to the website but also for placing orders

Some Overview Points:

Relatively it is very simple to become a VPS reseller program. Enables you to design your own custom VPS accounts. And resell them to your customers with the help of our VPS reseller whmcs hosting plan. The most profitable way to get the marginal income. With our latest technology VPS, we make VPS reseller hosting program both easy and affordable to the customers.

On the basis of our extensive research, I would only recommend the DedicatedCore.com reasonable VPS reseller hosting program. For being an ideal and popular choice among the reseller.

The usage of the perfect combination of the latest technologies and affordable VPS reseller hosting program plans. Enables them to deliver blazing fast performance with security, flexibility, and freedom to proceed the way you want.

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Explore the VPS reseller hosting services at a competitive price. Specially designed to provide outstanding flexibility in terms of managing your solution. With more control and resource accessibility.

Also the dedicated environment for higher speed and unlimited SSD storage space. They offer cost-effective VPS reseller WHMCS solutions for users at all levels.

DedicatedCore VPS Reseller – Giant Discount

Comparatively, DedicatedCore cloud VPS reselling is inexpensive and free from any financial obligations. There are no deposits to pay, or recurring fees to cover. So it is absolutely peaceful for you to start your own reliable VPS reseller hosting program business.

Moreover, gain up to 25% discount by reselling cheap KVM VPS hosting services to your customers. It totally depends upon you how many active VPS you sell.

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The main perspective of DedicatedCore’s VPS reseller program supports everyone is launching their web projects. And maintain the quality of services at each and every level. Monitor the whole infrastructure that you’re low-cost WHMCS VPS reseller is hosted on, which makes you focus on your core business.

In addition, the redundant tier IV data center provides retailers with the tools and software like the highly demanded VPS reseller WHMCS Module. A cloud-based platform opens up several ways to provide outstanding and high-end hosting services to its clients.

Why DedicatedCore is Best for You?



WHMCS Billing Software

Automated management of billing system to handle client accounts

Instant Service Setup

Deploy your VPS within a fraction of minute

Reverse DNS Management

Easy to add an rDNS record

Backup Facility

Overall control over resources with cPanel/WHM and DirectAdmin

Sliding Scale of Discounts

Cheapest price with up to 25% discount

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Their main aim is to have true, successful, faithful low cost and best VPS reseller programs. By setting rigorous requirements and providing resellers with the resources as well as the knowledge they need, they hope this program will be as successful as our existing VPS reseller hosting service offering.

Expand your business with DedicatedCore VPS selling plans:

  • Standard VPS: Specifically recommended for initial users
  • KVM Linux VPS: Especially for Linux VPS with high-speed SSD storage
  • KVM Windows VPS: best for windows experts
  • Storage VPS: server with high quality and low price

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Some Hallmarks of Best VPS Reseller Hosting Platforms

If you are interested in making money by reselling industry-leading Cloud VPS reseller Servers accounts under your own brand. Then check out the spotlighted point that allows hosting providers to wear the crown of “BEST”. And see your brand at the top of the market competition.

Superfast Website Loading Time:

Build faster and more elegant websites with amazingly executed loading time. Get exactly what you or your clients need in terms of speed. Hyperfast site performance really boosts your visitors’ reach.

Multi-Costal Data Centers:

It is a good strategy to get to your be liked audience by choosing the free VPS reseller hosting provider that has a multi-located server over the globe. It helps in the efficient sale and promotion of your product to targeted visitors with the free WHMCS module.

Flawless Scalability:

Quicken your business growth, make profitable deals and bring more customers. Adapt all recently updated advanced technologies. Charge your business’s magnification and your reseller VPS program server will scale seamlessly.

Reseller Tools that Empowers VPS Server:

There are some tools that you need to run your hosting business without any issues. Like Free Billing Software, Free Auto Installer, Simple Account Setup, Domain reselling, and cPanel included WHM.

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FAQs On Cheap Reseller VPS Server

 1. What is VPS Reseller Hosting?

Simply the up-gradation of VPS hosting plan to reseller hosting business. It accelerates the performance, reliability and brings your business to the next level of enhancement. The high availability of features gives you the best option to customize your root access and manage your website more precisely.

Top VPS reseller hosting program gives free WHMCS modules as per your business budget and requirement.

2. How to become a white label VPS reseller?

Using free WHMCS modules on reseller VPS hosting allows you to create your own custom white label hosting plan. So you offer a custom hosting plan. That fits their needs and meets the demands of their business.

To kick start you have to purchase a reseller VPS white label hosting plan. An expert team of parent web hosts will help you to set up, optimize, and transfer your hosting.

3. How does the VPS reseller business work?

You have a great opportunity to make money with an online VPS reselling business. After buying the bulk account, divide up the resources into smaller segments and sell each of those slices to individual users.

It totally depends on you to decide about the prices and fees for the services you are offering. Also, you have a chance to earn more profit margins. If the VPS reseller program provider offers a discount on their hosting services.

4. Is it better to choose DedicatedCore reseller VPS hosting plans?

Definitely Yes! At DedicatedCore you get secure, reliable, flexible, and scalable resources with award-winning technical support. Moreover some premium tools like SEO default help in the absolute best visitor experience. It acts as fuel for your business enlargement.


Reduce the financial risk by doing your research and planting to choose a compatible VPS reseller hosting partner. Always keep in mind your choice of hosting partner is a key part of your success.

My strong recommendation and opinion go with the DedicatedCore VPS reseller hosting platform. To start reseller business for VPS account and resources. Because they have incredible services as follows:

  • Save time and money with automated and instant setup
  • Advanced cPanel with WHM for custom interface branding
  • Free billing software integration (WHMCS module)
  • Provision to create, store and deploy your own custom server templates
  • 24/7/365 support by email, telephone support, live and WhatsApp chat
  • Fast VPS Server deployments over the globe with 4 tired data centers
  • Maintained the up-to-date security measures on all VPS Servers

I hope most probably you are now able to understand the entire VPS Reseller-related concept.

Grow rapidly your professional business with the DedicatedCore VPS reseller hosting program.