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Every hosting service has its own strengths and weaknesses. It all depends on the purpose of what your website is being made for. It simply refers to the user’s needs.

In this article, we are going to take a closer look at the best Non-EIG hosting companies. Because the demand for hosting that is not owned by EIG is increasing around the world.

As a professional in the hosting industry, I am interested in going with these rising trends. So make a mood to do the further examination. And share the best alternative Non-EIG hosting services with you

Content Summary {Overview Points}:

You can go with EIG (Endurance International Group) hosting brands like BlueHost or Hostgator but I’ve seen a big drop in the quality of support and site breakdown problems at EIG hosting services.

Are you in a hurry? Here is a summary of the most reliable Non-EIG hosting provider in 2021

  • #1. DomainRacer: 21x Faster SSD + LiteSpeed Provider
  • #2. A2 Hosting: Reliable Hosting Provider
  • #3. SiteGround: Easy Website Management Platform
  • #4. DreamHost: Fast and Secure Web Hosting

The people who are not happy with EIG hosting. They can choose any one Non-EIG hosting option from above. As we know, hosting powered by the EIG is not much acceptable in the hosting world today.

Top Non-EIG Hosting Company’s #Ultimate Features

Personally, I have good experiences with a few of the listed companies. If you want excellent hosting for your website. Then let’s have a look at the best EIG hosting alternative companies.

1] DomainRacer: 21x Faster SSD + LiteSpeed Provider

DomainRacer is one of the globally known and affordable Non-EIG hosting platforms. That provides impressive features like server uptime assurance, speed, and security at the cheapest hosting plans.

 cheapest non eig hosting options

Let’s check out some extraordinary features of DomainRacer:

  • Litespeed Technology: Increase the performance of your server and speed up the system.
  • SSD (solid-state drive) Storage:  It’s 5 times faster than the HDD storage
  • MagicSpamPro: It is used to avoid email spamming.
  • Free SSL: Secure your website
  • SEO Tool: Improve SE ranking
  • CloudLinux Infrastructure: Better execution of allocated resources
  • JetBackup: Avoid data loss with the weekly backup process 
  • Manageable cPanel: A customized hosting dashboard

DomainRacer offers easy and free website transfer if you are willing to do so. Unlike BlueHost (EIG brand), who forced charges while website migration. 

At DomiRacer you can get a super awesome support system. Immediate response is a key trait of them. Moreover, multi-located data centers feature to brighten up their hosting services. Here you have a choice to choose the geo area according to your targeted audience.

DomainRacer offers a variety of hosting packages with different prices starting just at $0.81.

In respect of all the above characteristics, I highly recommend DomainRacer as the cheapest non-EIG brand.

2] A2Hosting: Reliable Web Hosting Provider

A2 Hosting is one of the popular hosting solutions which is not owned by EIG hosting. It claims to be 20X faster than its competitor as it uses solid-state turbo servers.

affordable non eig web hosting plans

Following features provided by the A2Hosting.

  • International Brand, but accepts payment in INR currency also
  • Scalable Infrastructure with 99.90% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free Website Templates
  • Web hosting starts at $2.99/month.

A2 Hosting offers a wide array of web hosting plans and tries best to fulfill their customer’s needs. 

Like DomainRacer, A2 Hosting is also very passionate about providing quick support to queries. So you can select A2 Hosting as a trustworthy non-EIG hosting provider for your business website

3] SiteGround: Easy Website Management Platform

SiteGround is one of the leading Non-EIG web hosting providers in the marketplace. They provide worldwide hosting services with top-notch infrastructure and reliable uptime performance.

top rated non eig hosting platform

  • Small scale but good hosting.
  • Faster hardware or innovative network architecture.
  • Good technical support.

SiteGround has been officially recommended for Non-EIG option WordPress hosting. Their basic hosting plans start at $4.99 which is around 4 times higher than DomainRacer.

4] DreamHost: Fast and Secure Web Hosting

DreamHost is one of the oldest players in the hosting field, which is accessible online today, established in 1926. So it is the most reputable non-EIG hosting provider, offering very good customer support.

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Key Features of DreamHost

  • Recommended by
  • Free site migration
  • Good security.
  • Free SSL and SSD storage
  • The web hosting starts at $2.59

DreamHost does not offer a free domain for the first year. Always have fluctuating uptime and low server response time. It may be due to handling many domains they host.

For your better understanding, we bring this comparative analysis. Now it’s up to you to choose the exact match for your necessities. 

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Some FAQ Related to Cheap Non-EIG Hosting Plans

 1. What is meant by EIG?

The Endurance International Group (EIG) is a huge hosting corporation, established in 1997. It is a form of parent holding company handling millions of child hosting companies as consumers.

Some popular EIG-owned hosting providers are BlueHost, HostGator,iPage, and Arvixe.

2. Why is Non-EIG hosting better than EIG?

The unlimited Non-EIG hosting plans provide a much better balance. In managing and maintaining profitability while offering a quality product.

The EIG hosting companies don’t provide expert support to resolve your questions. The provided information about hosting plans is not clear. They are always trying to suffocate privately-owned companies with their heavy advertisement. 

Now it’s all up to you whom you want to choose for hosting your website.

3. What are the factors I looked into for the best Non-EIG web Host?

After testing many hosts, I picked the best one that provides superbly managed hosting services. We make selection criteria very simple.

  • Choose the web host who offers a website loading speed of less than 3 sec. This directly affects your bounce rate and conversion ratio.
  • Make sure your hosting provider should claim to provide 99.99 % server availability without any downtime
  • It is better to choose a non-eig web host having all advanced security measures to save your information from hackers.
  • Double-check whether your hosting provider offers instant replay to fix your issues.
  • If you are not satisfied with services. Then your hosting company should have a money refund policy.

4. Who is the cheapest Non-EIG Hosting alternative?

It totally depends on your choice and the necessity of hosting resources. Some are cheaper than others but have limited features. While other ones have limitless hosting packages at quite expensive prices.

But if you are looking for classic and qualitative services at an affordable budget. I would like to recommend DomainRacer’s unlimited Non-EIG Hosting plans.

Wrapping Up on Best Non-EIG Hosting Brands Available 2021

If you set your mind to avoid  EIG-owned hosting companies. Then I will say it is a very smart decision. Choose the web host who is eligible for a long-term relationship and actually meets your requirements.

I am sure, this article will definitely help you to choose the top non-EIG web hosting options. Let’s take a quick look at them

  • DomainRacer: Best for fastest server and cheapest hosting plans
  • A2 Hosting: Best for reliability and excellent customer support
  • SiteGround: Best for well-managed WordPress hosting
  • DreamHost: Best for secured hosting with limited resources 

If you are looking for good support, performance, speed and affordable price then your choice must be DomainRacer only.

Please comment if you have more guidelines to choose the least expensive non-EIG hosting plans. Thank you!